Data meet photography : an exemple of collaboration between artists and engineers

Data meet photography : an exemple of collaboration between artists and engineers


We were driving to the office today and Achraf; one of our creative entrepreneurs, had to pull up the car and stop to take some photos of a bank agency. He was stressed because it’s Saturday and the number of the agencies that work during this day is so limited, so he is limited in time and he has more than 120 agencies to photograph during the rest of the week, he started 2 days ago and he did something like 20 or 30 agencies.

He took out the list of agencies and it’s a pretty interesting list. It contains some great data including the names, the addresses, the longitude and the latitude, phones etc … the list interpellated Hamza and we started a discussion just to make fun of Hamza and challenge him “ hamza you should make something for Achraf, make an app or something so you can optimize the itinerary … for him he struggled in this and he need some optimum, you are there watching, start something.. make it happen” .. Hamza took the list and said: I’m on that today.

Hours later, Hamza made a web interface that shows the work he did for Achraf which is a web page that converts the list of bank agencies from the spreadsheet to a flat file he can use.

The app shows the list of all agencies and filters such (bank opens saturday, has ATM, already photographed..). Achraf has only to filter the list of agencies and have the itinerary opened in Google maps to get the directions while driving.

The challenge ongoing is gamifying for Achraf this web interface by following his daily progress, and suggest to him the nearest bank agency, or show in a radius the list of the non processed agencies.

This shows how a creative entrepreneur can collaborate with a software engineer.

are you sure you don’t want to invest in data viz now  ?

are you sure innovation and creativity is not going to save the world now ?

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