Wish a Happy Eid to a Stranger – بارك العيد لشخص غريب

Wish a Happy Eid to a Stranger – بارك العيد لشخص غريب

Two years, and five Eids celebrated with strangers and counting, today the “Wish a Happy Eid to a Stranger” initiative has more adherents than ever. What had started as an individual idea, carried by Baba Louay, has grown to be spread all around Morocco. It even crossed boarders to other countries, such as the UK, where, in a previous edition, a non-Muslim offered greetings -and cookies- to his Muslim pears, overlooking race, ethnicity and religion differences.

In Louay’s words: “The idea is as simple as creating bounds with other people by celebrating Eid with them, the kind of celebration that goes beyond family or people with the same blood DNA but that touches everybody.”.
This Fitr Eid was no exception to the inclusive celebrations and extended joy spreading. In Casablanca, Kenitra, Fez, Settat, Rabat… dozens of young people made time to go out, greet people they don’t know, share happiness and create brief but heart-warming human bounds.
And as there’s no limitation to what you can do to make someone happy, a clown joined the crew in Casablanca to play with the kids and make this edition even more Joyfully special.

“The best things in life, such as our genuine human relationships, money cannot buy. With a simple gesture, we can practice kindness, be open to the other, share our big moments and celebrations, and make other people smile.”

To see more about how the celebrations went, checkout: fb.com/happyaidstranger

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